September 11, 2020 Friday Notes


Brought to you by Lloyd Harbor School and the PTG

September 11, 2020




Words of Wisdom: “Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.” -Henry David Thoreau

CALENDAR Week of September 14, 2020



(B group in person) Calendar


BOE Meeting @ 8:00 PM



PTG Meetings (see below for info)


Rosh Hashanah (begins sundown)


Heckscher Museum of Art: Museum Link




Dear Parents, 

Welcome to our first edition of this year’s Friday Notes!  I wanted to give you an overview of what to expect from this publication.  As in the past, we use the Friday Notes as basically a one-stop-shopping for communication from both Lloyd Harbor School and the PTG.  For the most part, we do not send home hard copies of flyers and notices. All information is included digitally with this single document.  When possible and appropriate, we include the information for multiple weeks (noted by “Reminder”).

This was certainly the most interesting first week of school I’ve had in my 13 years as principal of LHS!  Our students are learning to use Chromebooks, Google Classroom and Zoom - simultaneously.  Teachers are teaching two groups of students at the same time.  We all must have a growth mindset in order to be successful.  And patience is key!

Please read the information below and always feel free to call the main office if you have questions: 631-367-8801. The Office Assistants, Mrs. Kathy Boyle and Mrs. Monera Ahmedy, are here to assist you and can help guide you to the right person.

Warm Regards,

Valerie Massimo

Tech Support

If/when you have questions about technology, please use the Technology Guide posted on our website: Tech Support

To access the information, click the three lines in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.

Teacher Email Addresses

Many parents have expressed difficulty finding staff emails.  We now have a link called “staff emails” on the sidebar of the LHS website.  Please note that if there is a matter that is time-sensitive, it is best to call the main office.  

Music Staffing

We would like to welcome Ms. Jenna Thomas to our music department.  She will be serving as a leave replacement for Mrs. Leah Martin (grades 3 and 4).  Students in grades 2, 5, and 6 have also had a substitute teacher in their music classes.  All children are continuing to receive music instruction during this transitional time.

Back to School Night

Please save the date: Back to School Night will be a virtual (Zoom) event.  It will take place on the evening of Wednesday, September 23.  Details to follow.

Thank you to the PTG

The entire faculty was very grateful for the LHS logo face masks. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Reminder: Changes in Dismissal

This is a reminder that this year we are asking that changes in dismissal be limited to emergencies only!  If you do need to change the dismissal plan for your child, a written note must be sent to school with your child and handed to the classroom teacher.  We are not accepting changes through the main office unless it is a last minute emergency situation.  Thank you for your cooperation.


LHS PTG Meetings on Thursday, September 17 9:00 AM

LHS PTG Committee Chair Virtual Meeting 9:30 AM 

LHS PTG Welcome Back Virtual Breakfast

(Zoom info to be announced for both meetings)


A HUGE thank you to the administration, teachers and all staff for working so hard to reopen LHS this week! We appreciate and recognize the time and energy that everyone put into making the opening of LHS as safe and smooth as possible.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

LHS PTG Communications via Remind

Along with the Friday Notes, Week Peeks, and email blasts, the LHS PTG will be communicating via the Remind app. This will allow you to receive brief text messages on your smartphone from the PTG. If you would like to opt into this service, the instructions are as follows:

1) Enter 81010 on your smartphone.

  •   If your last name begins with A-E, text @lhsptgn

  •   If your last name begins with F-J, text @lhsptgna

  •   If your last name begins with K-O, text @lhsptgnam

  •   If your last name begins with P-T, text @lhsptgname

  •   If your last name begins with U-Z, text @66e7d6

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