February 28, 2020 Friday Notes


Brought to you by Lloyd Harbor School and the PTG

February 28, 2020

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WEEKLY CALENDAR:  March 2-6, 2020

Monday 3/2:  Bus of the Month “R” Jump Start Monday, Little Shelter

Tuesday 3/3:  Grade 4 Cultural Arts “New America” 9:50 AM, Grade 3 Talent Show Screening 3:15 PM

Wednesday 3/4:  Grade 3 Talent Show Screening 3:15 PM

Thursday 3/5: Last day of Ice Skating

Friday 3/6:  Unplugged Day (see blurb), Spirit Day (wear your LHS/CSH attire), Gr 5 FLES trip, LISFA (Fri, Sat)

LHTV Reporters: Andie C., Dylan S. (6S)

LHTV Singers: Bella G., Ryan L., Isabella G., Sam L. (5C)

School Store: Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-8:50 AM

School Store Helpers: Sophia R., Madeline S. (2M) Gavin M. (5W)


Words of Wisdom: “Never look down on anybody unless you are lifting them up.” Jesse Jackson


NYS Testing Dates and Information: Testing Letter to Parents March 2020.pdf

Parent Conference Sign-up Information:  Sign Up Genius spring 2020.pdf

Reminder: Grade 3 Talent Day Packet:  LHS Talent Day Packet 2020.pdf

Reminder: Grade 3 Talent Day T-shirt Contest:  Gr 3.T Shirt Contest.pdf

Reminder: Empty Bowls:  LHS Empty Bowls 2020.pdf


1. Lloyd Harbor Village Park Summer Camp 2020

2. The Heckscher Museum of Art – Family Hour



While we may associate libraries with shushing, Lloyd Harbor’s library has been bustling with activity and has not been very quiet of late.  Each week, sixth graders have been coding with lots of conversation about how to move sprites, create multi-level mazes, and debug codes that just won’t work!  Fifth graders became inventors, creators, and craftspeople during their Makerspace unit, filling the library with projects like a SkeeBall game, a racetrack, and a marble run.  Before the winter holidays, lunch and recess periods brought some fourth and fifth graders to the library to create 90-second films about favorite Newbery-award-winning books. Third graders created mini-inquiry posters after using databases and books to find answers to their questions about animals, hobbies, and historical events. The announcement of the Caldecott Award for children’s book illustrations brought cheers and groans from second graders after their study of the award; they had definite opinions about which books should win.

On February 5, the entire school celebrated World Read Aloud Day with class read-a-louds and conversation. In anticipation of the event, students participated in a contest featuring the first lines of well-known children’s books, amazing us with their knowledge. Mrs. Terry’s class took first prize, and the students marked their victory with a Breakout box challenge before the February break.  Many families also honored the power and delight of reading aloud by sharing stories and photos from their at-home celebrations. Look for a bulletin board featuring those contributions next week. Thanks to so many families for the hundreds of books donated to commemorate World Read Aloud Day. We will give over a dozen packed boxes to the Book Fairies.

Here’s to more joyful noise in the library as the year continues!


This month, students explored empathy skills for fostering and keeping social relationships.  This was done through a variety of lessons, ranging from whole-class discussions, to small group activities, to technology-based presentations.  The goal was to help students to understand the cause and effect relationship between what they say and do, and how it impacts others.  As a parent, you can model how you interact with others by showing respect, compassion, and empathy.  Here is an article with some good ‘talking points’ about this topic that you might find to be helpful.  The link is :


At Cold Spring Harbor, we are asking families to take a break from technology and “unplug” to have an electronic-free evening. We are increasingly connected to the world around us. This offers endless possibilities; however, there are also benefits to setting aside our digital devices and other electronics. Use this evening to have an uninterrupted meal as a family, play a board game, do a jigsaw puzzle, or discuss a book you may be reading.

We would like students to share how they unplugged! Please share your experience with the rest of our school by completing the certificate your child brought home this week.  You may also draw a picture of your family unplugging to be included on our bulletin board with your certificate. Have fun!


The Lloyd Harbor School and your School Improvement Team (SIT) are excited to announce the revival of our school-wide recycling program!  Inspired by our students’ passions for environmental activism, we are proud to be a part of seeing their vision come to fruition.  For the past month, our student ambassadors have been collecting plastic water bottles to begin our renewed initiative.  Our student body has embraced this effort whole-heartedly and is eager to do even more.  Through research and ongoing communication with our town, the SIT committee was able to work with district administration to partner our school with Lloyd Harbor Village.  As of March 4th, they will begin picking up our recyclables.  Once our program is up and running, we will add paper collection and more.  We want to thank everyone for being a part of this important endeavor as we work together to save our Earth for generations to come.  SIT, as well as the students and staff, are eager to promote a sustainable and environmentally-aware school culture.


LHS Ceramic Bowls Fundraiser

Empty Bowls is a grassroots international project to fight hunger in our community.  Mrs. McLam and the PTG will be organizing a dinner event simulating a “soup kitchen” on the evening of March 11, 2020.  All proceeds collected will be donated to a local food bank.  Personalized handcrafted bowls created by our own LHS artists will be on display the night of the event to symbolize those who fight hunger in their lives.  See the flyer.  Please join us in our effort to involve our children in such an amazing cause!

Calling ALL 3rd Graders!

The third-grade talent show is March 16!  Get ready to show us how talented you are!  Information can be found in the attached information packet.

PTG communications via Remind

This year, along with the Friday Notes, Week Peeks, and email blasts, the LHS PTG will be communicating via the Remind app. This will allow you to receive brief text messages on your smartphone from the PTG. If you would like to opt into this service, the instructions are as follows:

·       Enter 81010 on your smartphone.

·       If your last name begins with A-E, text @lhsptgn

·       If your last name begins with F-J, text @lhsptgna

·       If your last name begins with K-O, text @lhsptgnam

·       If your last name begins with P-T, text @lhsptgname

·       If your last name begins with U-Z, text @66e7d6

Marker Recycling Program

The Crayola ColorCycle Marker Recycling program has begun!  Students and teachers can now dispose of their dried-out markers (any brand) in designated bins around the school.  These markers will be sent to Crayola to be recycled.  We will also accept your dried out markers from home!

Lost and Found

Items are piling up! Please remind your child to check the Lost and Found for items that belong to them.  Items left behind at the end of each month will be donated.

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