March 6, 2020 Friday Notes


Brought to you by Lloyd Harbor School and the PTG

March 6, 2020

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WEEKLY CALENDAR:  March 9-13, 2020

Monday 3/9:  Little Shelter

Tuesday 3/10: Board of Education Meeting 8PM

Wednesday 3/11: Empty Bowls 5-7PM

Thursday 3/12: LHSPTG Meeting 9:30AM, Report Cards on Portal after 5PM

Friday 3/13:  Noon Dismissal – PT Conferences; Grade 5 Scientist presentation, Grade 6 Rock Climbing (PTG event)

LHTV Reporters: JJ Gusick, C. Smith (5P)

LHTV Singers: G. Monge, A. Vitale & J. Weiner(5W)

School Store: Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-8:50 AM

School Store Helpers: A. Zekraus (2R) A. Carter (2C) G. Cunningham (4S)


Words of Wisdom: “Never look down on anybody unless you are lifting them up.” Jesse Jackson


PTG Nomination Letter:  PTG Nomination Letter 2020 2021.pdf

Reminder LHS Empty Bowls 2020:  LHS Empty Bowls 2020.pdf

Reminder Grade 3 Talent Show:  LHS Talent Day Packet 2020.pdf

Reminder NYS Testing Dates and Information:  Testing Letter to Parents March 2020.pdf

Reminder Parent Conference Sign-up Information: Sign Up Genius spring 2020.pdf


1. Lloyd Harbor Village Park Summer Camp 2020

2. The Heckscher Museum of Art – Family Hour

3. Kids Dekhockey Leagues

4. Camp Gan Israel



We are all aware that cold, flu and virus season is upon us. At Lloyd Harbor School, our custodial staff have been even more attentive to the cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas, such as door knobs, light switches, railings and desks/tables.  Additional staff have been brought in just for this purpose.  A high-quality disinfectant is used when cleaning these, and all of our, spaces.  Teachers are taking an active role in promoting proper hygiene.  Students are being reminded to wash their hands at various times, with a focus on before and after eating.  New colorful signs have been posted next to every sink, with reminders about proper hand washing (also reviewed in class).  Additional hand sanitizers have been installed in high traffic areas. Teachers are doing class lessons that will include additional reminders about healthy habits such as: avoid touching your eyes/nose/mouth, cough/sneeze into your elbows, throw used tissues immediately into the garbage, and wash your hands frequently.  If you would like additional on-line resources, please refer to Mr. Fenter’s letter that was sent to the community.


In addition to scheduling your conference with the homeroom teacher, please consider signing up for a conference with your child’s encore teachers.  The links to SignUpGenius can be found on our webpage:

Art (all grades): Ms. McLam Physical Education: Mr. Toscano/Ms. Incarnato Health (grades 4-6): Ms. Incarnato FLES (grades 2, 3, 5, 6 and 4S): Ms. Dolisi FLES (classes 4L and 4M): Ms. Rivadeneyra Science (grades 3 and 4): Ms. Glass Library: Ms. O’Donnell Technology: Ms. Diehl General Music (grades 2 and 4): Ms. Martin General Music (grades 3, 5, and 6):  Ms. Beja Band: Mr. Meyer Orchestra: Ms. Meyer


In preparation for their “Symbols of America” performance, the second graders learned the national anthem and read a beautifully illustrated book by Lynea Bowdish titled, “Francis Scott Key and The Star Spangled Banner."  The story was a wonderful example of empathy and compassion as Francis Scott Key attempted to rescue his friend, Dr. William Beanes, who was being held captive on one of the British ships. The children marveled at how Dr. Beanes, an American physician, took care of wounded and ill British soldiers even though they were fighting for the opposing side. The narrative also described the War of 1812 and explained the history behind the sophisticated language that characterizes the song. Consequently, students acquired new vocabulary words like “perilous,” “dawn,” “twilight,” and “gallantly.” Understanding the meaning of the lyrics encouraged students to sing more powerfully and expressively.

The third graders have been playing collaborative singing games including “Button You Must Wander,” and “Tideo,” and learning to sing folk songs like “Four White Horses.”  These songs and games help us to practice teamwork, flexibility, and patience, while reinforcing rhythmic and melodic learning.  We have started to review reading letter names on the lines and spaces of the treble clef staff, which we will strengthen with our study of the recorder.

The fourth graders had fun working independently and in partnerships to compose and perform their own Lloyd Harbor School songs. Students could either use a song they already knew and change its lyrics or write an entirely new and original melody. Some of the songs were clever and humorous while others were profound and reflected cherished memories of the school. For their final performance in class, some groups added instruments like guitar chords while others featured well-rehearsed choreography. It was a very freeing experience for students to dabble with composition and to work constructively together. We are hoping to showcase some of our best efforts this year on LHTV!

The fifth and sixth graders are hard at work as a chorus learning their songs for the Spring Concert.  They have started “Dansi Na Kuimba,” an upbeat tune which incorporates some Swahili language, and “There is Peace,” a lyrical piece with a beautiful melody and message.  Both songs include intricate harmonies and students have been practicing sight reading using steps, skips, and solfege on the treble clef staff so they can transfer their learning to reading their assigned part in the choral scores.


Instrumental and Vocal students who have signed up for NYSSMA will be performing their pieces the weekend of March 20-21 at Oyster Bay H.S. The individual day and time will be given to students by their music teachers. Students should arrive 30 minutes before their performance to Oyster Bay H.S.  for time to warm up and find their performing room.  Good luck and keep practicing!


The LHS 5th and 6th grade ice skating season has ended. Morning intramurals at the school will begin again Tuesday, March 10 for 5th graders and Thursday, March 12th for 6th graders. Intramurals in the gym begin at 7:45am and end at 8:30am.


POP Party

The CSH Educational Foundation annual POP! Party fundraiser is next week, Friday March 13th at the Mansion at Oyster Bay.  For tickets, information and sponsorship opportunities please go to

Open Position for 2020-2022 LHS PTG Board

The position of LHS PTG Co-Fundraising Coordinator will be open for the 2020-2022 school years.  The Co-Fundraising Coordinators are in charge of overseeing all of the fundraising events at LHS (Little Apple Fun Run, Holiday Boutique, Book Fair, and Lloyd Harbor Unites).  If you are interested, please fill out the attached nominating form and return it to Kristen Choi no later than April 10th.  We encourage and welcome any LHS parent to consider submitting their name for this position.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Smith at

The LHS PTG would like to thank Kristen Choi for chairing the Nominating Committee, as well as Nominating Committee members Jill Einhorn, Hadley Bohn, Kate Vivalo, Samantha Carter, and Theresa Kingdon.

LHS Ceramic Bowls Fundraiser

Empty Bowls is a grassroots international project to fight hunger in our community.  Mrs. McLam and the PTG will be organizing a dinner event simulating a “soup kitchen” on the evening of March 11, 2020 from 5 - 7pm in the LHS cafeteria.  All proceeds collected will be donated to a local food bank.  Personalized handcrafted bowls created by our own LHS artists will be on display the night of the event to symbolize those who fight hunger in their lives.  See the flyer below.  Please join us in our effort to involve our children in such an amazing cause!

Third Grade Talent Show!!

The third grade talent show is March 16!  Get ready to show us how talented you are!  Information can be found in the attached information packet.

PTG communications via Remind

This year, along with the Friday Notes, Week Peeks, and email blasts, the LHS PTG will be communicating via the Remind app. This will allow you to receive brief text messages on your smartphone from the PTG. If you would like to opt into this service, the instructions are as follows:

·       Enter 81010 on your smartphone.

·         If your last name begins with A-E, text @lhsptgn

·         If your last name begins with F-J, text @lhsptgna

·         If your last name begins with K-O, text @lhsptgnam

·         If your last name begins with P-T, text @lhsptgname

·         If your last name begins with U-Z, text @66e7d6

Marker Recycling Program

The Crayola ColorCycle Marker Recycling program has begun!  Students and teachers can now dispose of their dried out markers (any brand) in designated bins around the school.  These markers will be sent to Crayola to be recycled.  We will also accept your dried out markers from home!

Lost and Found

Items are piling up!  Please remind your child to check the Lost and Found for items that belong to them.  Items left behind at the end of each month will be donated.

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