October 2, 2020 Notes


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Friday, October 02, 2020




Words Of Wisdom: “Share our similarities, celebrate our difference.” M.Scott Peck

CALENDAR Week of October 05, 2020




Photo Day - postponed until the Spring


PTG meeting @ 9:30 AM


Spirit Day #2


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SEPTO membership form



Dear Parents,

The next phase of our learning plan involves many of our students returning to school full time.  This will be in two stages:

  • Grades 2 and 3: Tuesday, October 13

  • Grades 4, 5, and 6: Monday, October 19

In case you have not already completed the district questionnaire, here is the link: District Questionnaire Link

As you can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of planning and preparation that must occur in order to make this possible.  In addition to changes in teaching and learning, we are also working on lunch arrangements, recess scheduling, arrival and dismissal plans, hiring new staff, layout of furniture, and more.  My plan is to have the additional furniture put into the second and third grade classrooms this week so children can become acclimated with the new room configuration before the two cohorts are merged.  I will do this the following week for the upper grades so they, too, will have their new spaces planned out prior to joining with the other half of their class.  

At this point, I would like to provide you with some information that will help your planning as it pertains to dismissal.

The choice you make for transportation is expected to be your permanent choice.  

  1. Next week you will be receiving a LHS Dismissal Form. It will be sent home with your child and must be returned to the classroom teacher.  What is indicted on this form should match what was entered in the questionnaire.

  2. We cannot accommodate changes.  Please understand that this is for everyone’s safety. Therefore, if a child rides the bus, then he/she will always ride the bus.  If a child is a pick-up, then he/she will always be a pick up.  The same is true for walkers.

  3. If there is a situation where a child rides the bus and needs to be picked up, this must occur no later than 2:15 pm.  A note should be sent to the classroom teacher (with the child) in the morning.

  4. Additionally, children may not bring friends home with them on the bus.

We expect a large number of cars at “back circle” during dismissal.  

  1. We will be sending home new pick up signs that will display your last name along with the names of your children.  This sign must be placed in the front window of your vehicle.   

  2. This sign will go home with the eldest student in the family.  Everyone is getting a sign, as we do not yet have the information on who is riding the bus and who will be a pick up.

  3. As we are currently doing, last names beginning with the letters A - L will be dismissed at 3:00, and last names beginning with the letters M - Z will be dismissed at 3:15.  

We are all working diligently to make this transition seamless for our students… but also our parents.  This week we will be having a PTG meeting and I anticipate being able to review the upcoming changes, specific to LHS.  Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lesser will once again ask for questions in advance so I can include them in my remarks.  As always, I truly appreciate your patience, understanding and support.   


Valerie Massimo

A message from the Health Office

Please make every effort to complete the CSH Health Questionnaire before your child leaves for school. This should become part of your morning routine and is necessary for the safety of our students.

Band and Strings/Orchestra

Small Ensembles for the 5th and 6th Grade Band and Strings/Orchestra students will begin next week from 8:15 AM-8:45 AM.  A small ensemble schedule will be emailed home from your child’s band or strings/orchestra teacher.  Students should use the back-circle entrance by the GYM to get in the building for rehearsals. Below you will find a link to a commitment form that we ask you to fill out and submit.  We ask that you please EMAIL YOUR CHILD’S INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE DIRECTOR any time your child is going to be absent from a rehearsal. **Please note: Siblings can not be dropped off when you bring your children for band and orchestra.


Spirit Days!

We will have our second School Spirit Day on Friday Oct. 9th. We would like for all students (in-person and virtual) to join us in showing their school spirit by wearing Lloyd Harbor colors (red and blue) or CSH/LHS shirts. 

REMINDER: Student Absences - Update

When your child is going to be absent from school on an in-person day, please make sure you call the attendance line at 631-367-8848 even if he/she is going to log into the virtual lessons (which needs to be communicated when you make your call).  It is still important for us to hear from the parents when an in-person absence is occurring. 

REMINDER: Update from our Nutrition Services Director

Our new online order system has had a few bumps but we are up and running.  If you have any problems or need to change an order please contact the Lunch Office at 631-367-6970 or . Please include the student’s name, school, classroom and what they would like or what you need to change in your email or message. Thank you.

REMINDER: Tech Support:

Technology Resource Guide

Student/Parent Technology Request Form

If you need support with the technology your child is using for school, please refer to the Technology Resource Guide on our district website. Use the links along the side to find the specific app or device you are struggling with. You can find this guide by going to:

Our Schools > Lloyd Harbor School > Parents > Technology Resource Guide

This guide is also located in our Reopening of School Resource page. Simply click the image on the district home page. Technology Resource Guide

If you cannot find the solution to your problem using the Technology Resource Guide, please complete the Student/Parent Technology Request Assist Form. Student/Parent Technology Request Form  When completing this form, please be very specific and include as much information as possible. Include any error messages you received as well as any troubleshooting you've tried. This form will enable us to help you more efficiently and direct your issues to the correct person. This can be found on the same pages as the Resource Guide.  Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate through these difficult times. 


LHS Clean Out the Closet Apparel Sale!

The PTG is having their second week of “Clean Out the Closet Apparel Sale!” 

This week’s highlighted item from the closet is a red, long sleeved shirt made by C2. This shirt is an Under Armour-like material and comes in Youth Small, Youth Medium and Youth Large. The cost is $15! 

Please note, items are limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please indicate which size is needed! Help to increase your child’s school spirit wardrobe and support the PTG! 

LHS PTG Meeting

The virtual October LHS PTG Meeting will be on Thursday, October 8 at 9:30am. For those who cannot attend the morning meeting, an evening version will be held. Zoom information to follow. 

SEPTO Membership

SEPTO’s mission is to provide parents and teachers with the ability to obtain information, discuss issues and improve both academic and social experiences for all children.  See form funder LHS PTG Attachments for more information.

LHS PTG Dues/Directory

The LHS PTG Directories are coming soon...!

To pay your LHS PTG dues, you can contact our PTG President Lisa Smith at: or you can send a check for $25 made out to the LHSPTG via your child's backpack. 

Dues include the printed LHS PTG Directory and a transportation pad.

LHS PTG Communications via Remind

Along with the Friday Notes, Week Peeks, and email blasts, the LHS PTG will be communicating via the Remind app. This will allow you to receive brief text messages on your smartphone from the PTG. If you would like to opt into this service, the instructions are as follows:

1) Enter 81010 on your smartphone.

  • If your last name begins with A-E, text @lhsptgn

  • If your last name begins with F-J, text @lhsptgna

  • If your last name begins with K-O, text @lhsptgnam

  • If your last name begins with P-T, text @lhsptgname

  • If your last name begins with U-Z, text @66e7d6

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